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Chapter 1

Best Practices Document

Use of Icons

The CGA uses icons to assist readers in identifying the practices that pertain to their specific industry/stakeholder group. Throughout the document, the icons appear next to each practice and correspond to the following groups: Project Owners, Facility Owners, Excavators, One Call Centers, Designers, and Locators. The icon legend is provided below and also is available at the start of each chapter.

Guide to Editorial Task Team Procedures

  1. The Editorial Task Team is a task force of the Best Practices (BP) Committee. As such it acts in accordance with the BP Committee’s instructions.

  2. Although the team may edit punctuation, grammar, organization, and display, the team does not make substantive changes to best practices or best practice descriptions. However, any editorial changes are reported back to the BP Committee for review and comment.

  3. The team receives input from the BP Committee in one of three ways: a) When it receives a best practice that has been adopted b) When it is instructed by the BP Committee to make non-substantive changes to the BP practice description c) When it makes the changes indicated in paragraph 2 above, presents them to the BP Committee, and receives feedback thereafter

  4. Editorial changes noted in paragraph 3b are only those that the BP Committee first determines are not substantive alterations to the best practice. They are handled in the same manner as a best practice, in that BP Committee members must agree by consensus, but they are not referred to the CGA board for adoption, as would be the case for a new or amended best practice.

  5. Allen Gray and William Boswell serve as the Editorial Task Team leaders.

Feedback and Proposed Modifications

The CGA welcomes comments and suggestions on improving the format and updating the content of the best practices. Our intent is to make the statement of best practices as easy to use as possible. To submit a comment or to propose a new practice or practice modification, contact the CGA office (703-836-1709) to request a proposal form or visit the CGA web site at

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