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Chapter 5

5.8 Positive Response94/

Practice Statement:

The 811 center notifies the underground facility owner/operator of the proposed excavation area within the time specified.  The owner/operator notifies the excavator/contractor of the status of the ticket by providing an electronic positive response through the 811 center.

Practice Description:

Once a facility owner/operator marks the location of  existing facilities in the proposed excavation area or determines that excavation or demolition is not in conflict with any of its existing underground facilities, it notifies the excavator of the status of the ticket by appropriate response code through the 811 center's positive response system.  In addition to positive response, additional communication may be made by any reasonable manner including, but not limited to, face-to-face communications, phone or other electronic means. 

The excavator reviews positive response from the notified owner/operator on the ticket before beginning excavation.  If an excavator identifies or has knowledge of the existence of an underground facility, the excavator notifies the 811 center that a conflict exists.  Better communication between the excavator and the facility owner/operator is required as an area of excavation becomes more crowded with new underground facilities.

When the excavator makes the request to the 811 center, the excavator is informed which facility owners/operators will be notified. The excavator reviews all positive responses and compares these to the list of all owner/operators notified on the ticket prior to beginning excavation.  Upon review, the excavator notifies the 811 center of any discrepancy between the positive responses and the field conditions.


  • Existing state laws, including California, Maryland, Nevada, and others
  • Existing operating procedure for various 811 centers (over 40 participating states or 811 centers)

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